What is Messages API?

Spire Messages API is a REST API allowing continual paging of AIS messages (NMEA or decoded) received using time based criteria for when data is received. IE received_after filter can be used to continually capture data from a point in time onwards.

Messages API can be filtered to return data for a specific list of vessels by MMSI number, for a specific AOI or for any timeframe within the past seven days.

Messages API is documented here: https://developers.sense.spire.com/get-started#messagesApi

Messages API returns data as is received via AIS messages. This means the Position and Static Messages are separate. You can differentiate them based on 'msg_type' field, more on this here:


Each of these types of messages has its own set of fields. For example, Static AIS messages contain static data related to the vessel, hence will have the 'imo' field populated but not 'latitude' and 'longitude'. Similarly, Position AIS Message will have 'latitude' and 'longitude' information but not 'imo' , more on these here: