What is Dynamic AIS Data?

Dynamic AIS explained

Spire Maritime launched Dynamic AIS™ to address the growing problem of gaps in AIS data. Gaps in data directly impact ship safety, trading, revenue, and insurance claims. Dynamic AIS™ solves the growing data gap problem and delivers more unique MMSIs (up to ten thousand per day) with near-real-time latency, and up to six million additional AIS messages per day.

Dynamic AIS™ is a world-first innovation from Spire Maritime that allows you to benefit from thousands of satellite-enabled AIS receivers traveling throughout the busiest shipping lanes in the world. It provides an unprecedented frequency of position updates in areas that are out of the reach of terrestrial collection and overwhelm other satellite AIS providers, particularly high traffic zones such as the South China Sea. Without Dynamic data to improve position update frequency in high traffic zones, the risk of acting on stale or inaccurate data is ever present.

How It Works

Our 2860+ satellite-enabled AIS receivers track vessels and the traffic within 60 nautical miles and send this data to communication satellites. This process occurs at least every 15 minutes. Spire is adding approximately 15 receivers a month.

Spire separates the access for Class A and Class B AIS data in our Dynamic collection_type according to the following specifications: https://faq.spire.com/class-a-vs.-class-b-ais-transceivers

A demo of Dynamic AIS™ in action can be viewed here: https://dynamic-ais.spire.com