What data and delivery options are available in the Spire Weather API?

A brief description of data formats and content bundles for the Spire Weather APIs.

For information on the data variables included in each bundle, please see here.

Weather Forecast Point API

  • Returns JSON text data for a user-specified latitude & longitude coordinate pair
  • API endpoint:
    • https://api.wx.spire.com/forecast/point
  • Available bundles:
    • basic,  maritime,  maritime-wave,  agricultural,  wind-energy,  solar-energy, precipitation

Weather Forecast File API

  • Returns GRIB2 forecast data files for a region
  • We generally suggest Global data, but the API can support limiting data to smaller regions
  • API endpoint:
    • https://api.wx.spire.com/forecast/file
  • Available bundles:
    • basic,  maritime,  maritime-waves,  agricultural,  wind-energy,  solar-energy, aviation,  thunderstorm,  upper-air,  precipitation

    Weather OWS API

    • Returns pre-styled and geo-referenced weather visualization layers in Web Map Service (WMS) format
    • API endpoint:
      • https://api.wx.spire.com/ows/wms
    • Available bundles:
      • basic,  maritime,  maritime-wave,  precipitation
        • additional bundles under development

    Weather Forecast Optimized Point API

    • Returns JSON text data for a user-specified WMO or ICAO identifier
    • API endpoint:
      • https://api.wx.spire.com/forecast/point/optimized
    • Available variables:
      • Air temperature (2m)
      • Dew point temperature
      • Relative humidity
      • 24-hour maximum temperature
      • 24-hour minimum temperature
      • 24-hour probability of precipitation
      • Surface wind speed & direction
      • Surface visibility
      • Cloud cover percentage
      • 1,3, and 6-hour quantitative precipitation
      • 1,3, and 6-hour probability of precipitation
      • Conditional probability of rain/snow
      • Conditional probability of ice/freezing rain
      • Probability of fog
      • Probability of thunderstorms