Learning about your authorization token

Background information about your unique authorization token and platform access

Each authorization token is unique

For the TCP feed, if your company uses multiple clients to simultaneously access the Spire Sense platform, one particular authorization token should not be shared among several users. An exception can be made if you only have one TCP client active at a time. Otherwise, doing so could result in all clients only receiving a subset of available AIS messages. 

This restriction does not apply to the Messages or Vessels APIs - multiple API clients can use the same token provided the rate of API calls remains below below about 30 calls per minute.

If multiple people at your company are interested in simultaneous data access, notify the Customer Experience team so multiple tokens can be created.

What happens when my token expires?

When the agreed upon end date of your access is reached, our services will automatically disable your authorization token and you should receive the following response to an API call:

13 Permission Denied
Connection closed by foreign host.

If you suspect this has happened in error, please notify the Customer Experience team.

Are multiple tokens necessary to access multiple Spire Sense APIs?

One token can be used to access all Spire Sense APIs. If you are interested in trying additional APIs, notify the Customer Experience team.

I suspect my authorization token has been compromised

If you unintentionally shared your authorization token with others, notify the Customer Experience team so a new authorization token can be issued. No loss in data should occur as you transition to the new token.