[INTERNAL] DRAFT >>> Bug + Feature Request Process

How to make a bug or feature request

  1. Identify bug / feature via client request or personal investigation
  2. Conduct preliminary investigation - confirm client concern / bug issue and document your findings
  3. Confirm there is not a previous bug in the Jira Bug Request report (?? @Bruce??)
  4. If need to make a new bug request, follow this process:
    1. Fill out the Hubspot form: https://share.hsforms.com/1990SG5bUS2mRuEq-qtWgbw41b37 .
      1. This form creates a Hubspot and a Jira ticket for the Bug. Make a metal or physical note of the Name used in this Form, as it becomes useful for searching.
    2. Navigate to the Tickets Board in Hubspot. In the "New" stream, find the ticket for the bug and move it to the "Bug" stream.
    3. Click the Bug ticket, and in the right-hand panel, there is a section called "Jira". This contains a link to the Jira ticket that was created by the Hubspot form. Click the ticket link to navigate to the Jira ticket for the Bug.
      1. Alternative Way to find the Jira ticket:
        1. Navigate to the SEN Project Board in Jira: https://spireglobal.atlassian.net/browse/SEN-101
        2. This is the legacy work board. In the SEN Project Board, navigate to the Backlog. All bug requests made using the form above will begin with the prefix "Maritime Bug Reported - ". 
        3. Find the bug you just made a request for by using the search bar to find the "Maritime Bug Reported - <bug-name-from-step-a>". Double click the bug to open the bug request's main window. If the window is too small, click the linked name of the ticket in the top right-hand corner (ie. SEN-259)
    4. Things to edit in the Jira Ticket
      1. In the Jira Bug Ticket page, scroll down until you see Epic Link. Add a link to the Legacy Work Board. Change the Reporter name to your own name if it is incorrect. The form defaults to Ishan.
      2. add a label
        1. feature_request
        2. bug_request
    5. Bug reviews are normally done on Friday. If you need an expedited review of the bug request, post the link to the Jira ticket (for example, https://spireglobal.atlassian.net/browse/SEN-259) into the #ais-support channel with a reason for the expedited review.