How Big is Spire AIS Data

How much data will I need to handle if receiving Spire Maritime AIS services.

Simply put, as of Sept 2020, Spire AIS volumes are about 180 million records per day for the full non down sampled, non cleaned service. For the down sampled, cleaned service it is about 50 million messages per day.

That accumulates to up to 64 billion records a year!

But don't be scared, we can help you filter and handle our large data sets.

How much data is one day of AIS for Cargo & Tanker Vessels

We ran a test, 1 day extract, standard 5 minute down sampling for satellite & terrestrial AIS for Tankers & Cargo vessels as identified by AIS.

Here are some stats for the data extracted
8131365 total messages, 8111980 positions, 29922 distinct MMSIs, from satellite
13567818 total messages, 6763977 positions, 53779 distinct MMSIs, from terrestrial

21699183 total messages, 14875957 positions, 68826 distinct MMSIs, from SAIS + TAIS

We then exported the data to files and it created 30 x 300Mb files. 

So as historic data files it would be about 3Gb a day

Volumes from Messages API

Were the client to pull data from the API, the data volumes would be much larger because the JSON format used for API responses is more expansive than the compressed CSV format used to provide historical data.

As an example we requested AIS messages from the previous 24 hours from the Messages API using the MMSI numbers from a selection of 100 tankers. This returns over 200,000 messages. Messages API returns data in pages of up to 20,000 messages. The file showing that first page of API results which is 19Mb in size, is available here  

Volumes from Vessels API

Data from Vessels API is a lot larger than Messages API because it also contains additional added value data such as Enhanced Vessel Data, Matched Port and in particular Predicted Routes which can amount to several hundred points. 

Example Vessels API results for 100 vessels (all tankers) including EVD and Predicted routes is about 700K when the API response is saved.  A sample of that is available here