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Historical Observations (Re-Analysis) Data Samples

An overview of the information required to begin a Historical Weather Re-Analysis Dataset sample evaluation.

How to configure your Historical Re-Analysis data experience:

  1. What is your use case?
    • Please provide a few sentences about how your application will use Spire Weather Forecast data. This will help us guide you towards the best data experience.
  2. What is your success criteria?
    • Please provide a few sentences about what you are looking for while evaluating the data. What is required for your data experience to be considered a success? Please feel free to distinguish between "need-to-have" criteria and "nice-to-have" criteria as well.
  3. What is the historical date range of interest?
    • Data is available from January 1st 2011 and onwards, with hourly granularity. 
    • Typical requests are for 2-week time windows. If you need a longer time range for your evaluation or particular use case, please discuss this with your commercial contact.
  4. What is your area of interest for the study?
    • A simple list of Latitude+Longitude points is perfectly acceptable. For regions, a formal definition in GeoJSON is preferred. You can use http://geojson.io/ to draw an area. Other standard geographical formats are acceptable as well if you prefer to use another format (e.g. Shapefile)
  5. Which weather data variables are you interested in?

    (Please note that Invariant Fields are not available as free samples)