Clicking on the API url does not work

Why does clicking on the API url you sent me not work?

After sending onboarding instructions to a Trial yesterday, we received this feedback.
 the instructions were received and passed forward. However, I don't seem to have authorization. 
This was from a manager who I assume had just clicked on the sample API call URL in the onboarding email. Yet it was quickly followed by feedback that API access was working, presumably once a developer had managed to follow instructions properly.
Run this code with your token in place of {token} in a Windows Command Prompt or Mac Terminal:
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token} -H "Accept: application/json" ""
This is classic misunderstanding of how APIs are used.
APIs are called by a web url, but they do not work clicking on the url alone because they also require security details (the api token) to be passed in the https header, which can not be done in a simple browser call.
You will see in the onboarding email there is a sample curl command, and if you paste that into a Windows Command Prompt or Mac Terminal, then you will see the API calls work and return a sample row of data.
So, do not click on this: 
Instead, run this with your token in place of {token}:
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token} -H "Accept: application/json" ""
And you will see data like this returned: